Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That Small Seed

I gave this day to God 

I gave this day to God when I got up, and look,
look what it birthed! There, up the hill, was

the apple tree, bronze leaves, its fallen apples
spilling richly down the slope, the way God spilled

his seed into Mary, into us. In her the holy promise
came to rest in generous soil after a long

fall.  How often it ends in gravel, or dry dust.
Blackberry patches thorny with distraction. Oh,

I pray my soul will welcome always that small
seed. That I will hail it when it enters me.

I don't mind being grit, soil, dirt, mud-brown,
laced with the rot of old leaves, if only the seed

can find me, find a home and bear a fruit
sweet, flushed, full-fleshed -- a glory apple.

                                                       Luci Shaw


Tamara Hebert said...
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Tamara Hebert said...

It has been far too long since I've seen an Amy post, what a lovely poem. The Glovers are often in my thoughts -- blessings

Angela Sackett said...

yes, times a million, i echo your cry... so grateful and joy-filled to see your post and your quiet call to worship. love and honor you, dear sister...