Wednesday, January 4, 2012

artist's journal

A handmade, hand-sized leather journal for Emma this Christmas is rarely left unattended. Dovetailing nicely, her interest in bookbinding has peaked as she also received an instructional book for 28 handmade books. During our break I have read aloud the Hobbit while the older two usually did some kind of handwork (drew, whittled, crafted). It was all very cozy.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, I'm blowing the dust off this old blog space in the hopes that it will offer up a little window into our lives. To my dismay, I am not a faithful corresponder to the many precious friends and family strewn across the globe. You have lovingly asked for pictures and news more regularly and Rambling Views is, at least, part of my answer. I confess that the blogging world --actually the internet, overwhelms me to the point of paralysis. I'll do my best to shake off the perfectionism that strangles the joy of sharing.

Our family is settling into a new season -- new state, new job, new home-- and are slowly, slowly making things our own. We miss our friends, our intimate fellowship, and the ease of familiarity. Still, God's inward work in us has been stirred, kindling a sense of wonder and adventure. It is, of course, a picturesque landscape He has brought us to in the northwest, so I expect to post landscape photos often.

As I sip my morning tea, this ancient Japanese Oak sprawls its flaming scarlet leaves and welcomes me. Isn't it lovely?