Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Spy Summer

This summer, child spies, disguised, stalked the halls. Photos of enemy targets, shoved down over sized apparel while t.p. rolls, rope and tape made up necessary gadgetry. Eight children in one house became the backdrop for almost daily Spy Kids adventures.

It's funny how a household with four children feels oddly quiet after we have enjoyed eight! Jason and Linda (my brother and sister in law), and their classic four were able to stay with us for their summer school-break in the U.S. We laughed, swam, played, exercised (a little), refereed (very little), cooked ethnically, and cleaned every once in a while. Mostly, we just shared life and I am deeply thankful for the opportunities we had to re-kindle relationship. If, when they left, we could have thrown up blockades, we would have! Unfortunately, our high tech gadgets were on the blink on the day of their departure and they are now safely settled in Morocco. We sure miss their faces around here.