Friday, October 24, 2008


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Several of you have inquired about our adoption process so here's a little update. Our dossier (the Mt.Everest of paperwork) has gone through all the hoops necessary and should be in the hands of the Ethiopian Ministry of Women by now. They will match us with an infant between the ages of 0-6mo. We have not specified boy or girl so it will be a surprise! This match is called a referral. We could receive a call anytime (although we aren't expecting it until late November or December) with a referral which will comprise of pictures, medical results and social history (if any is available) of a baby that matches our requested criteria. We have up to a couple weeks to decide whether to accept the referral. Once we have accepted, we sign a document that makes us the legal guardian of that child. A court date finalizing the adoption in Ethiopia is given. We will not be there for that as dates can easily change. Once the adoption is finalized (usually a few weeks from the time we accept the referral), we are given our travel dates. We (or one of us) will travel to Ethiopia to get OUR BABY! YAY! Please pray with us for all the details but especially for the baby and our three little girls. This baby will surely have a lot of doting mamas! :)