Friday, March 27, 2009

triple scoop (cuz everything comes in threes, right?)

1st) Our daughter, Lucia Josephine, is officially ours and we are hers!!!! Happy, happy, happy!!! Everything sailed through today in Ethiopian courts. Thank you, Lord! In regards to her name, well, we are the worst name "picker-outers" (Is there such a word?)! Add to that our combined stubborn streaks and you end up with either a really, really long name or one that can be said five different ways. Take your pick. Lulu, Josie, Jo, LJ (thinking of you here, Jase). We are a family peacefully divided and will surely have one confused little girl! Oh well! (fat grins here) By the way, I like Lucia, pronounced (Lu-SEE-a, with an accent on the i). :)

2nd) Ayisha is scheduled to be admitted to the epilepsy monitoring unit on April 7th, where she will undergo extensive testing. She'll be taken off of all medication in the hopes that she will have several seizures while under their care. This testing could last from 2-10 days. We will be having a time of prayer for her on April 5th at Cornerstone Church (6:00 p.m.) for anyone local that would like to join us.

3rd) I will depart for Ethiopia on April 25th to bring our baby home! I cannot travel any sooner due to processing and embassy schedules (and as it turns out, it is better this way anyway). We are delighted that my parents will be able to come and care for the girls while I am away. Now, if we could convince them to bring their adorable new puppy, Harriet, along!

As a "topping", Easter Sunday and Caleb's entrance into glory will be deeply remembered and commemorated the same day this year. It is my heart's desire that we not be within hospital walls by then. My eyes sting, just thinking about it, truthfully. Still, please pray that we would rejoice in the Lord and maybe taste of Him, our hope, not only despite our circumstance but in it. May we remember well that even though we do have trouble in this world, He HAS overcome the world.