Thursday, July 17, 2008


"What a delicious day!", said Emma at the dinner table. It's
a good thing my children like fruit since that is mostly what
we ate today! It was MUCH too hot to cook so we picked up fresh
baguettes, and ate them topped with cheese and fig jam. Strawberries,
blueberries and mangos on the side. Yum.

"If I were a king, I would have mangos every day!" (Emma, while savoring the
last bite of mango).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a sweet reunion

Hello everyone! We pulled in early Sunday morning from an amazing two weeks in California. Two whole weeks with precious friends AND no cooking or clean up! That's my kind of vacation!

We spent a week enjoying family camp at Forrest Home with the Sterners, some of our dearest friend since college days. Our kids hadn't seen each other since Caleb went to be with the Lord, six years ago, yet were inseparable within minutes!

Then Kevin and I went "to work" for the camp for several days. As the branding consultant for the camp, Kevin has been revamping the camps marketing materials. I was hired as a photographer for the new brochures and website material he will be putting together. Camp Forrest Home is an amazing place, full of deep heritage, and touching stories. Surrounding the family camp, they run high school, jr. high, and children's camp simultaneously. Needless to say, we were busy but had a blast!

After ten days on the camp property, we (Sterners and Glovers) piled in our vans, listening to musicals all the way to Hunnington Beach where we hung out for another couple of days! I had to pinch myself at the delight of it all...late night chats, card games, body surfing with our kids, laughing until we couldn't breathe....

And now today, I am 35 years old! Thirty five! Oh my goodness, next year I will be closer to forty than thirty! Eek! Oh, well! My friend Diane told me when I turned thirty that the thirties would be great -- freeing and full. I totally agree. I thank the Lord for one more year and pray that this year I will grow in maturity, bearing much fruit, to His glory. I am thankful for those of you who are in my life, you are gifts from above!

Well, my little girls have been giggling behind closed doors, making handmade presents for their mama. I just have to go peek...