Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ordered chaos

Haven't had much to say lately. Not because nothing has been going on but because I've been engrossed in the stuff of life!

Some days I've tackled well my run on list of things to do before school begins. I've also sorted images for the camp, ordered curriculum, chipped away at adoption paperwork,and made crafts with the girls. Other days have been spent pleasantly swimming and playing. Ever since last Thursday, though, I have obsessed with organizing our house, even if I didn't quite set out to tame the beast to begin with. My original intent was simply to clean out the school room and library!

If you were to stop by right now you'd think I'd foraged through each nook-n-cranny, promptly catapulting all our earthly belongings into the center of each room! And you'd be right! Why is it that when you start to organize one space, you go to another and realize that it needs organized as well?! Before you know it the entire house is overturned in an effort to create order? I'm sure you systems people out there (you know who you are) think I'm nuts in my inefficiency but hey, there's a method to my madness. I'm just not sure what it is yet! :)

On another note, Ayisha had a seizure yesterday morning that was not responsive to the medication we usually give her. She was transported to the hospital where the staff also had a difficult time stopping it. A significant dose of Adavan finally did the trick, knocking her out for several hours. She was transferred to ICU to be monitored until she awoke and could keep down food and drink. We were thankful that she was well enough to come home last night even if she is noticeably out of it! When Steve carried her to the bathroom yesterday evening she blurted out, "Thank you for saving my life, Daddy!" Then broke out in giggles! She's not stable enough to walk or even crawl today and her eyes are half shut but she still comes up with hilarious phrases and cracks herself (and the rest of us) up! What a character! I love that I can and do learn so much from my little ones! Ayisha embodies pluck. She teaches me perseverance every day just by placing one braced foot in front of the other.